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Travel rescission

Travel cancellation pool
The organizer JCS International Services GmbH offers the payment into a travel cancellation pool, which, in case of cancellation of the registered person before the start of the tour, will cover the cancellation fees under the following conditions. When using the cancellation pool, all accompanying persons must have been registered into the travel cancellation pool.
Alternatively, the traveler is free to consider buying a travel cancellation insurance policy with a European insurance company.

§1 Withdrawal before commencement of the tour (cancellation)

  • Recognised reasons for withdrawal
    If the registered person withdraws from the trip before commencement of the tour, JCS International Services GmbH will reimburse the contractually owed cancellation fees if the cancellation has been made for the following reasons:
    a.) Death, accident, unexpected serious illness, pregnancy or inoculation tolerance of the insured person or a risk person;
    b.) Damage to property as a result of fire, natural disasters or criminal acts (e. g. burglary);
    c.) Loss of the insured person's job or that of an accompanying risk person due to an unexpected operational termination of the employment relationship by the employer;
    d.) The person travelling or a risk person travelling with him/her takes up an employment relationship, provided that this person was registered as unemployed when booking the trip and the employment office has agreed to the trip;

  • 2. Person at risk
    Persons considered under risk coverage are:
    a.) The members of the travelling person's family;
    b.) Those who have booked a trip together with the traveling person and paid into the travel cancellation pool and their relatives;
    c.) Those who care for relatives who are not minors or in need of care travelling with them.

    If more than six persons have booked a trip together, only the respective relatives of the travelling person and their carers are considered to be at risk.

    Definition of relatives:
    - Your husband, wife or spouse
    - Your or their children, adoptive children and stepchildren
    - Parents, adoptive parents and step-parents
    - Brother or sister
    - Grandparents
    - Grandchildren
    - Uncles and aunts
    - Nieces and nephews
    - In-laws
    - Your children-in-law and brothers-in-law

  • Obligations after occurrence of the claim
    The person travelling is obliged to:
    a.) To cancel the trip immediately after the occurrence of the cancellation in order to keep the cancellation costs as low as possible;
    b.) To prove accident, unexpected serious illness, pregnancy and vaccination compatibility by a medical certificate, death by a death certificate;
    c.) In the event of loss of employment, to submit a letter of dismissal or, when taking up employment, a confirmation from the employment office that they agree to the cancelled trip.

    If one of these obligations is intentionally or grossly negligently violated, JCS International Services GmbH is released from its obligation to perform, unless the violation is neither intentional nor due to gross negligence. In the event of gross negligence, JCS International Services GmbH remains obligated to perform insofar as the violation had no influence on the determination of the case of withdrawal nor on the determination or scope of the performance incumbent upon JCS Adventures Tour.

    § 2 Deductible

    For each claim, the person bears a deductible. This amounts to 20 % of the reimbursable damage, but at least € 50.00 per person.
    Should you wish to register with the travel cancellation pool, the cost is € 69.00 per person. Please note this on the registration form.

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